Cancer Mirror

Connect share & learn from other cancer patients who share your exact illness
Health & Well Being
Native App

Team Members

Product Design, UX, Branding
and UI Design (Me)

Tools I Used

Pen & Paper
Sketch + Invision

Scope of Work

Research, User Interviews, Wire framing,
Prototyping, Usability testing, UI Design.

Men have a 39.66% probability, or approximately a 1:3 risk, of developing cancer in their lifetime. For women, the odds are slightly lower, at 37.65%.

American Cancer Society


Hospitals offer the option to connect with other cancer patients with no regard to their age, gender or kind of specific cancer they have. There are over 100 different known cancers, most of them have four stages. patients want to be able to relate to other patients who share their exact cancer.

The Problem

There is a challenge for cancer patients to connect with other patients their age and with the same cancer and stage so they can share their hardships, feelings, experiences, victories and sometimes sadly, bereavement and grief.

The experience of illness makes them different from their family and friends. Going online and talking with others who are experiencing similar things allows people to realize they're part of a broader community who's all in this together, other ill people are feeling the same way and that’s comforting.

Coping with Illness Digitally by Stephen A. Rains

The Users

Cancer Patients - Newly Diagnosed & Current

Newly diagnosed and current cancer patients ages 18 and above.
Patients with all types of cancer.
Patients who are willing to share anything about their illness, from the feelings they are coping with to tips about chemotherapy.
Patients who are too young or too old that cannot use apps.

Getting to know the users

I interviewed cancer patients as well as recovered patients. Talking to people who have cancer is challenging since they are sharing very intimate details about their well being.

1. Some people had very specific questions regarding the type of cancer they have.
2. They said they would rather listen and share thoughts and feeling with another person that has the same cancer and even stage.
3. Some of the interviewees said they are willing to support other patients whether during the illness or after they recovered.

Pain Points

Many cancer patients are afraid to share online and reveal their identity

They have no sense of belonging

Sometimes being labeled as desperate, over dramatic and whiny

I've gotten to the point of not posting anything for fear of bothering other people with my illness. The comments made me feel like I was a burden to everyone just by giving short updates on my fb page.

Facebook might not be a specific enough tool to share severe illness | online article comment by a sick user

Competitors & Market Research

I’ve researched products that are categorized as social media/mental health apps and digital support groups. I have also studied apps where users share their life problems from family quarrels to coping with illnesses.
I’ve researched products that are categorized as social media/mental health apps.

1. HearMe
2. Lyf
3. Wisdo
4. BetterHelp - Online Counseling

The Solution

A native app that allows patients with same age groups, same cancer and same stage, connect, share and learn from each other.

Use Cases

A user had chemo and would like to receive tips on how to deal with fallen hair.
A newly diagnosed user with breast cancer wants to find comfort in stories of women who beat the illness. She wants to relate to the exact kind of breast cancer she has as not all breast cancers are the same.

Wireframing & Prototyping

Mid fidelity wireframes helped with fast iterating and testing with users before creating pixel perfect designs.

Experimenting with questioning the user about basic details as a bot structure. With each question there is a bar showing the number of matching users and groups to focus the use of the app - be more specific for the user:

An alternative way of questioning the user:


The 2 steps contribute to the user’s understanding of what value he can receive from the app before using it. (In case he reads it)

3 Questions to unlock the forums

The user is presented with 3 basic questions about the date they were diagnosed, the type of cancer they have and their cancer stage. According to the answers, the user will be shown customized forums.

Inside the Forum

Each forum lets the user engage in conversation with other members and also view the forum info page which includes details about the forum.

1 on 1 Chats

After answering the 3 questions, users will also be granted access for 1 on 1 chats with other users who share their exact illness.

Colors & Typography